October 03 2023

On the 10th of March 2023, a significant event took place at the seminary that left a lasting impression on both the seminarians and Fr. Maravilla Alfredo, the councilor for missions. Fr. Maravilla's visit to the seminary was not just a routine visit but a momentous occasion that served to inspire and enthuse the seminarians for their Salesian missionary vocation.

As Fr. Maravilla arrived at the seminary, he was greeted with great enthusiasm and warmth by the seminarians. They lined up to welcome him, and the smiles on their faces were indicative of the respect and admiration they held for him. The seminarians' genuine excitement at his presence was a clear testament to the impact he had already made on their lives through his work and dedication to missions.

By the end of his visit, the seminarians were not just inspired but transformed. They had been given a glimpse into a world of service, sacrifice, and unwavering faith. Fr. Maravilla's visit had ignited a renewed sense of purpose and dedication to their Salesian missionary vocation.

As he bid farewell to the seminarians, Fr. Maravilla left behind a seminary filled with young men who were eager to embark on their own missionary journeys, inspired by his words and guided by his example. His visit had not only enriched their understanding of Salesian missions but had also left an indelible mark on their hearts and souls. They were now more than seminarians; they were potential ambassadors of love, compassion, and education, ready to carry the Salesian mission forward into the world.