May 24 2023

On the 24th of May 2023, a significant and solemn ceremony took place at Don Bosco Seminary Dankotuwa. In the presence of Fr. Provincial, the seminary appointed its new prefects, a momentous occasion that marked the bestowing of leadership responsibilities upon a group of dedicated seminarians. As they pronounced their vows and received their distinctive badges, they pledged to be the guiding lights and role models for their fellow aspirants. The appointment of prefects is a time-honored tradition in educational institutions and holds great significance in the life of a seminary. Prefects are entrusted with the task of upholding discipline, nurturing a sense of community, and setting a positive example for their peers. It is a role that carries with it not only authority but also a profound sense of responsibility and service.

The moment when the prefects pronounced their vows was a powerful one. With unwavering faith and a sense of purpose, they pledged to carry out their duties with integrity and dedication. Their words echoed with the promise to be responsible stewards of the seminary community and to guide their fellow aspirants with compassion and wisdom.The presentation of the distinctive badges, a symbol of their leadership role, was a moment of pride and honor for the newly appointed prefects. These badges were not just pieces of metal; they represented the trust and confidence that the seminary community had placed in them.